Protection against the electromagnetic field intolerance syndrome

Clinical study shows Immun’Âge® helps improve symptoms for EHS (Electrohypersensitive) patients

The electromagnetic field intolerance syndrome (EMFIS) is an extreme reaction to low-level exposure to ElectroMagnetic Fields (EMFs) emitted by wireless telecommunication technologies.

In 2017, Dr. Belpomme worked on a clinical study with ORI to evaluate the beneficial effects of the fermented papaya preparation (FPP®) on EHS patients.

Overall, clinical improvements were obtained in 50-60% of cases, showing a diminution of oxidative stress and inflammatory phenomena, as well as a normalization of brain oxygenation.

For these patients, this resulted in fewer and milder clinical symptoms such as headaches, fatigue, tachycardia episodes, insomnia, and attention deficit to name a few.

  • “We demonstrated that by stimulating the antioxidant defense system, FPP® can help fight the oxidative stress caused by electromagnetic waves, and reduce intolerance to their harmful effects.” 

    Dr. Belpomme

    Professor of Oncology at the Paris Necker Hospital 

  • US patent for EHS

    Based on this study, Osato International was granted in 2021 the 

How to use Immun'Âge for EHS

Action: Diminution of oxidative stress and inflammatory phenomenon and normalisation of brain oxygenation.

Result: Diminution of number and severity of clinical symptoms (headache, fatigue, tachycardia episodes, insomnia, attention deficit).

Dosage: The study shows that best results are obtained after 6 months of supplementation.
> Months 1 to 3: 9g/day (3g-packet x 3)
> Months 4 to 6: 6g/day (3g-packet x 2)
> Month 7: Pause supplementation
> Month 8 +: Supplement according to symptoms

Scientific references

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US Patent No.US10993980B2 – “Method for Treating Electrohypersensitivity with FPP®"