Healthy Aging

100% fermented papaya food supplement to strengthen your natural defense systems 
and slow down the aging process

Properties demonstrated by 52 clinical studies

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Benefits of daily use

Immun’Âge® will help your body by stimulating your defense systems with its threefold physiological action:

3 main properties of Immun'Âge for healthy aging

The combination of these three properties endows Immun’Âge® 
with its powerful protective and anti-aging effect.

Additional benefits

In addition to Immun'Âge® anti-aging effects, 52 published clinical studies have demonstrated its effectiveness in numerous other cases including:

Alzheimer’s, Parkinson, cardiovascular health, skin aging, respiratory tract infections, electrohypersensitivity (EHS), burnout...

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Safe & backed by science

Immun'Âge® is produced in Japan under the highest quality standards.

52 clinical studies and research articles have demonstrated the benefits of Immun'Âge®.

  • 100% natural


    Certified non-GMO papayas.

    No preservatives nor chemical additives in our composition

  • Safe

    No reported adverse side effects or toxicity after 25 years on the market worldwide

  • Trusted for


    Plant-based, gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free, no added sugar, suitable for people with type 
2 diabetes

  • Quality control


    Two-step QC process 
for extract standardization by amino acid assay
    and in-vitro antioxidant power measurement

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Supported by 52 international clinical studies

Immun’Âge® is the only dietary supplement whose properties have been clinically demonstrated by more than 50 published studies by scientists and physicians worldwide, including the 2008 Nobel prize in Medicine.

Publications and references available on Medline (PubMed)
and at

Quality certifications

Immun'Âge® has been produced for 25 years by Osato Laboratory Inc. 
in Japan under the highest quality standards.

  • ISO 9001:2015

    Quality management systems

  • ISO 14001:2015

    Environmental management systems

  • ISO 22000:2018

    Food safety management systems

  • Informed Sport

    Every batch tested for banned substances

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  • The antioxidant par excellence, I have been using it for many years, following the recommendation of Prof. Montagnier.


    Catherine, 57

  • I am 72 ; I have stress, fatigue, rheumatism and 
I want to protect myself from ongoing viruses... Result I'm feeling great!


    Alain, 72

  • Very satisfied, I have taken 
1 packet / day since mid December and not sick once with real vitality despite the winter and the lack of sun!


    Mark, 64

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