• Suffering from Electrohypersensitivity (EHS)? | Try our Patented Treatment Plan with Immun'Âge 100 % Fermented Papaya Preparation
  • Fermented Papaya Preparation | Immun'Âge 3-month supply
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Immun'Âge 3 Boxes - EHS Trial Package (1 month)

Suffering from EHS? Try our patented method for 1 month 

  • You will receive 3 boxes of Immun'Âge, each containing 30 packets

  • EHS Treatment Plan: 3 packets / day 

    With Immun'Âge®, reduce EHS symptoms and regain control of your life.


    100% Fermented Papaya Preparation

    How to use

    The standard dose is one packet (3g) per day.
    Place the content of the packet under your tongue to dissolve it.

    FPP®, which stands for Fermented Papaya Preparation is the fermented papaya powder inside your daily Immun'Âge sachets !

    We obtain FPP® thanks to our proprietary 10-month fermentation process in Japan.

    Simply dissolve the contents of one sachet under the tongue, no need for water, easy & tasty!

    • Fresh papaya contains, among others, vitamin A and C, along with papain, a digestive enzyme that is found in the latex (between the bark and the pulp of the fruit).
    • The fermentation process to produce FPP® eliminates these vitamins. FPP® doesn’t contain papain either because it is made with only the pulp of the fruit.
    • Fermentation causes a modification of the constituents of fresh papaya, which results in 2 distinct foods, both in their composition and properties.

    • With age, the immune system is less effective, oxidative stress increases and the production of cellular energy (ATP) decreases.
    • When it comes to the immune system, Immun'Âge® stimulates immunity by activating macrophages, NK cells (Natural Killer) and the production of NO (Nitric Oxide) which are used for immune defence.
    • Regarding the antioxidant system, FPP® stimulates endogenous antioxidative enzymes: superoxide dismutase (SOD, main antioxidative enzyme in the body), glutathione peroxidase, catalase... Immun'Âge® also allows, to a lesser extent, to directly capture free radicals (measured thanks to observation by ESR = allowing us to see the capture of free radicals).
    • Concerning the production of cellular energy, Immun'Âge® makes it possible to stimulate the production of ATP at the cellular level (via the Krebs cycle): the sugars contained in Immun'Âge® enter the cell without the need for insulin and make it possible to produce ATP (an energy unit molecule derived from sugars).