From papaya to Immun'Age

  • The longevity and health benefits of papaya have been known by Asian and native Central American cultures for centuries.
    In Japan, the population has one of the highest life expectancies in the world, partially explained by a diet regularly consisting of fermented foods.
  • Osato Laboratory Inc. successfully combined the benefits of papaya and those of fermented foods with their proprietary 10-month fermentation process.
    This process transforms the fruit into FPP®(Fermented Papaya Preparation), showing new health-enhancing properties.
  • FPP® has been produced for 25 years by in Japan under the highest quality standards. 
    It is marketed in the U.S.A. under the brand Immun’Âge®, with more than 15 million packets sold annually worldwide.

How to use Immun'Âge

Used all-year-round, Immun’Âge® is your ideal partner for long and healthy life, as it improves your natural defences while optimizing your vitality. 

> The standard dose is 1 packet (3g) a day. 

> You can take up to 3 packets (9g) a day.

> Simply place the content of the packet under your tongue to dissolve it.

New research backed benefits

In addition to FPP® anti-aging effects, 52 published clinical studies have demonstrated its effectiveness in numerous other cases, such as: 

  • Protection against oxidative stress in Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease: it helps protect against oxidative stress-related damages caused by these diseases.
  • Protection against the electromagnetic field intolerance syndrome (EHS):Diminution of oxidative stress and inflammatory phenomena, normalization of brain oxygenation
  • Protection against cardiovascular diseases: it helps maintain good cardiovascular health by protecting the body against the dysfunction of the inner lining of the blood vessels.
  • Respiratory tract protection: it helps fight infections by reducing the damaging effect of oxidative stress, thus boosting the natural defence of the respiratory mucous membrane. 
  • Skin aging: improvement of hydration, elasticity and uniformity of the skin; protection against skin aging

Sport & Immun'Âge

Immun'Âge® is an effective ally when you exercise.

It helps your body to recover more quickly (muscle pain, fatigue, cramps, aches).