Revitalize your skin from the inside, with fermented papaya

Revitalize your skin from the inside, with an ‘edible cosmetic’

“Youth has no age”. Picasso

“Youth has no age”. Picasso

Your skin plays a crucial role in your life. The largest organ of your body, it is your first line of protection against the environment. Its active immune function protects you from harmful external things, such as germs, chemicals, moisture, sun rays, injuries, and extremes of hot and cold. 

A "good-looking" skin also acts as good self-advertising. It symbolizes health, vitality, and youth.

However, as we age, so does our skin. It thins, sags, blemishes, dries out; it loses volume and elasticity; dark rings develop under the eyes; wrinkles appear. It makes us look "old."

Around the world, much effort, time, and money are spent on skin care: creams, lotions, laser treatment, plastic surgery, and more. Using "edible skin care” also shows as a possibility.


In Japan, for example, women who have been using Immun’Âge® regularly (the product has been available there for more than 20 years) find this fermented papaya powder an effective way to fight skin aging.

Their skin remains supple and well-hydrated, their complexion even, and their brown marks reduced. They have nicknamed Immun’Âge® ‘taberu keshoshin', i.e., the "cosmetic you can eat": 食べる化粧品.


A 2016 clinical study* showed that Immun’Âge® improves the skin's antioxidant capacity and the expression of key skin genes while promoting skin-antiaging effects. The research matched the beneficial effects of Immun’Âge® on the skin as reported by the Japanese customers:

  • Improvement of the complexion evenness,
  • skin hydration, and
  • elasticity,

three characteristics that allow the skin to keep a youthful appearance as long as possible while aging.


The improvement in the body's defense systems (the antioxidative system and the immune system), generally brought about by Immun’Âge®, does have an active effect on the skin, protecting it from harmful environmental attacks (sun, pollution, stress, and more).

*  “Effect of a quality-controlled fermented nutraceutical on skin aging markers- An antioxidant-control, double-blind study.” Experimental and Therapeutic Medicine, published in 2016.


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