Tackling jet lag

You often have to take a plane and Jet Lag makes it hard for you? 



Why do we get Jet Lag?

Air travel is the cause of Jet Lag when flights are long and cross several time zones.

  • Jet Lag occurs when the body has to adapt to a new day-night cycle after crossing several time zones.
  • Jet Lag is mainly due to a disruption in the production rhythm of hormones such as cortisol and melatonin.
  • As a consequence, the body clock gets thrown off balance and people feel sleepy when they should be awake, and awake when it is time to sleep.
  • Jet Lag is a sleep disorder and an issue for frequent flyers including, among others, pilots, crew members, and business people.
  • It is more severe when going East - as the day is shortened - than flying West when following the sun makes the day longer and thus falling asleep easier.


What are the symptoms of Jet Lag?

  • With Jet Lag, you feel fatigued, and
  • your alertness is affected.
  • You experience difficulty concentrating,
  • trouble sleeping and
  • can fall asleep at any time during the day.

It is a problem when you travel for business or if you are a flight attendant.

It's also not a good thing when you have just a few days vacation abroad.

Tackling jet lag with Immun'Âge®

The properties of Immun'Âge® can help fight fatigue, lack of alertness, and sleep-wake problems caused by Jet Lag.

The usual recommendation to tackle jet lag is three packets for one flight:
• One packet 1 hour before the flight
• One packet during the flight
• One packet within 1 to 2 hours upon arrival