Environmental support and Charity

Environment and Support

The OSATO Group under the leadership of our president, Mr. Yuki Hayashi, has been supporting and sponsoring several causes and activities.

How small fireflies help environment awareness:

A passionate defender of the environment, Yuki Hayashi initiated and implemented in 2009 the Fireflies Conservation Project, one of his contributions to environmental protection.

The goal of the project is to protect the water and biodiversity of the small brook running on the West side of OSATO Laboratory Inc. in Gifu, Japan.

We have created an environment where fireflies can live: their absence is a clear and useful indicator of water pollution.

We clean the brook once a month and conduct a water quality inspection once a year.

Some of our other activities: 

  • In 2011, we made donations to assist the victims of the earthquake and devastating tsunami in Tohoku, Japan. 
  • We have also donated funds to the Marie Curie museum in Paris, France, to finance their electronic archiving of Marie Curie research documents, as well as an interactive touch screen display system that would allow several users to consult the museum’s archives simultaneously.
  • We have been sponsoring the charity bicycle race organized by the “Petits Cœurs” Association (the Léon-Bérard Children’s Cancer Center) in Lyon, France since 2009. We have contributed to the Pénélope Association, an association helping women in great difficulty, based in Paris, France.