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The Osato Research Institute (ORI) conducts and coordinates scientific programs and clinical studies that focus on our natural defense systems, healthy living, and healthy aging. 

ORI research focuses on our fermented papaya preparation, or FPP®, marketed under the brand name Immun'Âge®, except in Canada where it is called Stimul'Ace®.

World-renowned scientists have been studying FPP® properties. Members of our scientific board, they have contributed to scientifically prove the effects of FPP® on the immune system, the antioxidative system, and the production of cellular energy.

Our members come from very different fields, and many different countries. They communicate their research findings on FPP® in international academic conferences and at ORI scientific committee meetings.

Founded in 2004 by Mr. Yuki Hayashi, president of Osato International Inc., ORI is dedicated to helping people live a better life by improving their general health and well-being.

ORI is a non-profit organization based in Gifu, Japan and directed by Dr. Pierre Mantello.

  Osato Research Institute - Gifu - Japan 

Osato Research Institute