Boost your antioxidant strength

By boosting your antioxidant strength Immun'Age® helps you stay healthy longer

Immun’Âge® naturally stimulates the antioxidant system and destroys "excessive free radicals" that are responsible for "Oxidative Stress."  

Immun’Âge® helps protect you from "Oxidative Stress."

Excessive free radicals? Oxidative Stress? 

Free radicals are naturally produced by our body to respond to its specific needs such as energy production (move, breathe, etc.) and the immune defenses.

Free radicals help us live and survive all the stresses we encounter.

However, when produced in excess, free radicals become our enemies as they generate "Oxidative Stress" and causes much damage to our body. 

free radical molecule

The harmful increase of free radicals or oxidative stress is due to:
    1. Aging: As we age, our antioxidative system is gradually less efficient. Furthermore, Oxidative Stress adds up during our lifetime. 
    2. Lifestyle and Environment such as an unbalanced diet, tobacco, too much alcohol, drugs, pollutants, the sun, radiations, stress on the job, stress at home, lack of sleep, jet lag, diseases, etc.
Our antioxidant system is designed to help our body fight Oxidative Stress. However, aging and the accumulation of attacks during our lifetime reduce its efficiency. Less antioxidant power to fight these attacks leaves the door open for age-related conditions and illnesses.

    By naturally boosting the antioxidant system, Immun’Âge® allows to add "life to years and not only years to life."