Strengthening your Immune health with Immun’Âge®

An Effective Way to Help You Fight Viruses

Respiratory illnesses, such as colds or flu, are heavily contagious. Often caused by viruses, some of these infections are potentially dangerous. They can lead to severe complications, sometimes fatal, particularly for older people, young children, and those with certain health conditions such as heart disease or chronic respiratory diseases. People with an already weakened immune system are at a heightened risk for complications.

Outbreaks of respiratory infections, mainly when caused by new viruses, always present a public health concern as they can spread from one person to another, and from one location to another.

How to protect yourself against viruses?

  • Strengthen your natural defenses. Your body possesses natural defenses that shield you against all sorts of types of viruses and bacteria: your immune system and your antioxidative system. A great way to preserve yourself is to keep these natural defenses strong. Immun’Âge® properties can help you do that. Published studies have demonstrated its powerful threefold action. It is antioxidative, supports the immune system, and boosts the energy of your cells, key to your wellbeing.  

 The 2012 published study* of Dr. Marotta, a renowned gastroenterologist, and director of ReGenera R&D International in Milan, Italy, demonstrated that subjects treated with Immun’Âge® for one month showed an improvement of their natural defenses. These results indicate that Immun’Âge® can help to reduce the respiratory oxidative stress in the human airways and, by improving mucosal defenses, it makes respiratory infections less severe and shorter lasting. 


By making your defenses stronger, Immun’Âge® can help you fight viruses more efficiently.

  • Apply general protective and hygienic measures
  • Thoroughly wash hands with soap regularly.
  • Sneeze or cough in your elbow or upper arm, and then wash your hands. If you use a tissue, discard it immediately after having sneezed or coughed, and then wash your hands.
  • Avoid touching your nose, mouth, or eyes: they are the boarding gate for viruses and bacteria to enter your body.
  • Avoid close contact with people who could be contagious.
  • Vaccines are essential in preventing certain respiratory diseases. When a vaccine is available, you can decide to get immunized.

* Is there a potential application of a fermented nutraceutical in acute respiratory illnesses? An in-vivo placebo-controlled, cross-over clinical study in different age groups of healthy subjects**. J. BiolRegulHomeost Agents 2012 Apr-Jun;285-94. PMID: 22824755 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]