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Aging and the weakening of our defense systems

Why do we age?

  • Aging is determined by genetics. 

    Our human genome has programmed us for a 100-to-120-year lifespan. But not everyone can reach such a ripe old age. We have inherited from our parents a unique genetic program that influences our longevity and our health. This inherited genetic blueprint endows us with more or less effective means to fight against aging. Scientific and technological progress in the 20th century has doubled people’s lifespan in many countries. But what is the point of living to 120 years if we have to lose intellectual and physical capacity?
  • Aging is determined by our lifestyle and environment.

    From birth onwards, we are constantly exposed to harmful environmental stresses and subjected to the effects of unbalanced lifestyles. Pesticides, pollution of all sorts, radiations, overexposure to the sun, viruses, microbes, poor diets, occupational and psychological stress, all accumulate throughout our life, reducing the number of healthy cells in our bodies. It deteriorates our bodies into what is called “aging.”
  •  Aging and the weakening of our defense systems. 

    We are equipped with two main natural defense systems: the immune system and the anti-oxidative system. They are genetically programmed to fight environmental stresses and help us survive. They also act as anti-aging mechanisms.

However, the accumulation of environmental stresses in our bodies throughout our life disrupts and weakens our defense systems. And it accelerates the aging process, opening the gate to age-related problems and diseases.

But all is not lost and there is hope. You can not fight your genetic heritage, but you can take some actions to live a healthier life.