Worldwide Distribution

OSATO Distribution World Ltd, part of the OSATO Group, manages the worldwide distribution of FPP® under the name Immun’Âge® – except in Canada where it is distributed under the name Stimul’Ace® – contributing to the trademark’s commercial development.

During our twenty-year experience in Europe and Asia, we have worked at familiarizing people with the effects of oxidative stress and the daily actions to fight it.
Thanks to the scientific contribution of the Osato Research Institute, OSATO Distribution World Ltd can support our promotion efforts with accurate scientific data and testimonials that prove the effectiveness of FPP®/ Immun’Âge®.

More than ten million packets contribute each year to making people healthier.

Our products are currently commercialized in Italy, France, Caribbean, Spain, Portugal, Poland, Switzerland, Germany, Greece, the United Kingdom, Japan, Egypt, Canada, and the United States. We expect to expand successfully in South America.