About us

OSATO International Inc. 

Founded in 2002, OSATO International Inc. is a Japanese company that was previously known as Neo River Inc. Mr. Yuki Hayashi, the CEO and President of the group, initiated the research that led to the discovery and  30 years ago. 

Osato International Inc. headquarters are located in Gifu, Japan, some 250 miles west of Tokyo, with distribution centers in the United States, Europe, and French Overseas Territories.

Under Yuki Hayashi's leadership, Osato International Inc. has grown into three entities: 

o   Osato Laboratory Inc., our manufacturing plant,

o   Osato Research Institute (ORI), a non-profit organization dedicated to scientific research and development,

o   Osato Distribution World Ltd in charge of worldwide distribution.

Production of Osato Fermented Papaya, Immun’Âge®

The process behind Immun’Âge® begins on Hawaii’s Big Island with papayas grown at the Diamond Head Papaya Co. These Carica papayas are certified non-GMO by the Department of Agriculture of the State of Hawaii. From there, they are flown to the Osato Laboratory Inc. in Gifu, where they undergo the Osato proprietary fermentation process, which utilizes the papaya’s pulp, yeast, and dextrose. The procedure lasts several months under stringent ISO quality controls. It transforms the fruit and produces other natural substances that give the Osato fermented papaya product its unique properties. Indeed these substances. They also enhance cellular energy production.

Scientific Research and Clinical Studies 

The Osato Research Institute (ORI) is a non-profit organization founded in 2004 and based in Gifu, Japan. ORI conducts and coordinates scientific programs and clinical studies that focus on our natural defense systems, healthy living, healthy aging, and Osato ‘fermented papaya preparation’ or FPP®, commercially known as Immun’Âge®. World-renowned scientists have been studying FPP® properties and as members of our scientific board, they have contributed to scientifically prove the effects of FPP® on the immune system, the antioxidative system, and the production of cellular energy.

Our members come from very different fields and many different countries. They communicate their research findings on FPP® at international academic conferences, at ORI scientific committee meetings, and in scientific journals.

Worldwide Distribution

Osato Distribution World Ltd is in charge of the worldwide distribution of FPP® under the name Immun’Âge®. More than ten million packets contribute each year to making people healthier.

Distribution centers support markets in the United States and Europe. Osato Distribution Overseas is the Osato Distribution World Ltd subsidiary in charge of the distribution in Germany, , France and French Overseas Territories, and Sint Marteen.